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ESSIE is an alt/rock guitar player and vocalist from Perth, Western Australia. Her signature sound is a confident mix of bluesy guitar chops and soaring vocals. “The proud owner of an awesome set of pipes” ( 

ESSIE's debut EP Run Red and single Sugar Rush drew on an earthy mix of influences from The Black Keys and Jack White to Gin Wigmore. Hailed in press as “Alternative rock with a superb 70s twist”(Fireworks Magazine), the success of these DIY releases prompted ESSIE to relocate to London in 2015 to pursue a career in music.

Performing with her trio, ESSIE is a regular in the capital's clubs, where she is building a devoted fan base enthralled with her raw, confessional songwriting and assertive blues guitar. Her second EP "Not Easy" was released on The Animal Farm label in 2016 and the title track , punchy and to the point, plays like an anthem for empowered women everywhere. Her follow up single, ‘Someone’ may simply be billed as a ‘break up song’, yet it’s one with a soaring plea for honesty that’s hard to resist.

Lyrically ESSIE's growing all the time, and in in 2018's All of This she hit her stride blending the catchy and the thought-provoking in a mix that will entice her audience to join in.


The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic saw ESSIE take a break from live performance, and instead focus on writing for her next EP. She began studying a Masters of Songwriting from ICMP London, taking her song craft to the next level and studying under the likes of Catherine Anne Davies aka The Anchoress, Isobel Anderson, and Gabriel Stebbing (Metronomy).





Relocating to Bedfordshire in 2022, ESSIE began working on her next EP, spending time recording in London and Nashville. Her latest single 'Limitless' was released on January 1st 2023, and combines her signature gut punchingly assured vocals and characteristic guitar riffs to create an anthem for any road trip.

In an entertainment industry where women are finally flexing their muscles in every area, ESSIE’s music is yet another reminder of the power that they can yield.




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